Slot cars for kid’s FREE

I started in slot car early, at age 7, whem I won a home track, and I had for years, at 17, donated the same track to little boy, whose father could not buy one even gave eight cars original ESTRELA. Well I ran whit slots  professionals! For years I wanted, to do something in helping children, becaused municipality where I lived is very poor in the sense of fun, then a few years a go, had been building a wooden track, to give to my children, but in the mean time to return my service, I came across a rape victim and rescue, broke my hand, and lost my job a few months later, perhaps because for what happened, I began to surffer from nervous breakdowns and was forcibly retired, but always wanted to keep producing! From that moment I had the idea that I could contribute by helping children. I bought a table tennis for the boys play for FREE, I liked the thing, and remembered the track, and I wondered why I did not do the same whit this?? That’s where I bought a track used, missing some parts, I bought what was missing, but did not think it would be a rage among  the kids here, some friends sent me up spare parts and used another clue, I’m thinking of forming a new circuit for four cars, but everything slowly because my salary and short!!! My main object with this project is to create fun for boys and girls of my municipality. These are poor children, and the minimum that can be done is enough for them, so ask for them, and who can help, help me to make the days of childhood these children better, I leave my address if they want to help, can be used or new, we need your help is a hug and find me on FACEBOOK under the name Marcio Di Iulio. address Rua Pastor idalecio Ferreire da Silva Nº148 Nova Belem- Japeri – RJ – Brasil CEP 26.433-360  Thanks for all!!!

Sobre marciodiiulio

Amigável, simples sem frescuras, gosto de slot car, surf, xadrez, mergulho, fotografia... . Talvez eu volte à estudar e faça Jornalismo ou direito, mas eu acho que vai ser Jornalismo, porque tenho várias idéias sobre o assunto, gosto também de programas Culturais !!!
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